Why Us?

A way to bring direct trade to small roasters! And why we should be the first step to direct trade for new roasters in Europe.

Cup-A-Lot is a new company, but it is also a continuation of a journey in Specialty Coffee we embarked on in 2001.

We started by roasting coffee, went on opening and running Specialty Coffee Bars and a Barista training center, and added a wholesale branch. Our journey enabled us to gain experience in sourcing green beans directly at origin. With Cup-A-Lot we want to use that experience to source for other Specialty Coffee Roasters across Europe.


We have talked with many roasters, and have discovered a need for exclusive, unique coffees but especially coffees with a story, full transparency so roasters can share those stories with their customers. We like to call it "Relationship coffees".The benefits of Direct Trade without the hassle.

Which brings us to our approach at Cup-A-Lot:

1. Relationship coffees working on a long term

Of course, the most important people in the quality chain are our producers . That is why our approach is not only about finding the best coffee in the region, but even more so about detecting future potential. Our Congo story  illustrates this perfectly.

2. Trust

Having three Q graders in our team is not a luxury, but a way to set the bar and guarantee quality to you. One of the basics things in coffee is trust! We need to know each other, know who you are and to work closely with you to find the coffee that is right for you. The Cup-A-Lot contact you are talking with is the very same person talking to the producers.

3. Small Batches with maximum transparency

One of the issues many small roasters encounter, is ending up with the same coffees as the other roasters across Europe. We specialize in small lots. This way we can ensure you, you are the only roaster offering a certain lot in your country - or even worldwide.

However, we are not a regular coffee sourcing company in the sense that we don’t aim to cover as many origins as possible. We have chosen instead to focus on those countries where we have already established solid partnerships, and are continuously building on those.

One of the most important things is the contact with the people who are growing your coffee. Therefor we are taking as many people as possible to the origin where we are spending time at the plantation, between the pickers, following the whole process. You will have access to all steps of the chain and will be able to ask all questions you might have. Do you want to join us to our next trip to origin? Let us know katrien@cup-a-lot.com




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