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First time we went to Peru was not so long ago.

In August 2019 Katrien & Laura visited this beautiful country without really knowing what to expect. They had tasted some amazing coffees and based on that they decided it was time to explore Peru as a potential new origin.

The trip didn’t disappoint. We have met an amazing cooperative in the heart of Amazonas, San Ignacio. It’s a group of passionated producers that have united in order to improve their ways of working and quality.

3 years ago they decided to start investing in specialty coffee by separating lots, quality, variety and different processings. They have great soil, altitude and knowledge so it was a logical nextstep. 2019, when we met them they didn’t export coffee to Europe yet and started producing honeys and anaerobic coffees on our demand.

The region San Ignacio isn’t a typical coffee region. The volumes are limited because the producers are small families and the transport to the harbour is difficult due to the bad roads and remote location. At coop level they invest a lot in the producers education & they developed a unique traceability & follow up plan by calendar and logbook.

The cooperative invested in their own drymill and two q graders that cup all the lots blind and separate from each other. One q-grader cups in the growing area and the other in the exporting harbour Chiclayo. That way their feedback is more valuable for the farmers and it provides trust.

We are very lucky to have met these amazing people and are looking forward to grow together year by year.




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