El Salvador

This coffee is in our warehouse since July’2019

In February 2019 Katrien went to El Salvador to look for great coffees & partnerships. What we found was better than what we hoped for!

We started working together with 3 small producers that have very unique micro lots. We trust these people and the way they work is very transparent. If you have more questions about these coffees, let us know!

See below to check which lots are still available and ask your samples.

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Name Region Description Lot  
El Salvador El Cerro Pacamara APANECA - Ahuachapan Pacamara - washed - crop 2019 SPOT
El Salvador Finca La Esperanza - El Chilamate SANTA ANA EL CHILAMATE FULLY WASHED SPOT
El Salvador El Retiro Pacamara Santa Ana Pacamara - Yellow Honey - crop 2019 SPOT
El Salvador La Esperanza Pacamara Santa Ana Finca El Retiro - Washed - Pacamara SPOT
El Salvador Los Cotuzos Cuscatleco APANECA - Ataco Cuscatleco 2019 - Natural SPOT
El Salvador El Tarro Pacamara 2019 Ataco Pacamara - Natural - crop 2019 SPOT
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