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It’s already a couple of years that we have the chance to work together with Costa Rica coffee farmer Luis Campos. We visited his farm in 2016 and 2019 and we were very impressed with Luis Campos experimental process methods. Luis Campos is most well known for his experiments with anaerobic fermentation. A process method very common in the production of wine, but still very new in the world of coffee.

Anaerobic fermentation

Anaerobic fermentation is a very new and experimental process. We are still learning about it’s possibilities and flavour profile. Similar to natural fermentation there is no water used during the whole process. For the anaerobic fermentation Luis Campos will only use the ripest coffee cherries. They contain the biggest amount of sugars necessary for the fermentation process. After depulping the green beans and coffee pulp go together in a stainless steel Ph-controlled fermentation tank. Hermetically closed so no oxygen can influence the flavours of the fermentation process pressure will build up inside the tanks and the coffee beans and pulp will start fermenting. After an average of 18-23h all sugars will be fermented and the coffee is ready to dry in the sun. To finish the fermentation process it’s important the coffee immediately catches direct sunlight for 4hours.

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