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We have been working together with the 2 brothers Walter and Ednilson since 2010. Since then we are buying their coffee each year. In the meanwhile we have some seperate area within their Fazenda only exclusively for us. Those are the lots Pedra Bonita, Pedra Dourada, Pedra Encantada and Pedra Redonda.

The Dutra family grows over 500 acres of coffee today. They produce 16 000 bags a year of which 6 000 are specialty coffee quality. They are the best example for specialty coffee in Brazil. The secret of their success is passion, hard work and a continuous commitment to improving quality!

In December when we were visiting the family, they won the YARA competition at the WORLD OF COFFEE, Brasil. Since we were there and celebrated with them it is now our honour to sell this competition winning coffee.



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