Join Us To The Origins

A couple of environmental parameters are key for growing good coffee: elevation, temperature, sunlight, humidity and soil fertility, to name a few. However this is not enough as the human factor is an important thing as well. We try to work as closely as we can with our producers at origin and we try to link you to the growers of the beans you’ll roast.

Relationship coffee is what we stand for – join us and discover for yourself.


Near the equator these parameters create an ideal blend. Follow the equator and you’ll find the coffee. But it takes more than that. The days of the plain, indifferent coffee pick-me-up are well and truly behind us. Coffee aficionados have raised the bar, and there’s only one way to guarantee top-shelf liquid black gold: nurture and knowledge from shrub to cup.

Plenty of coffee beans never fulfill their taste potential - it gets lost somewhere along the way. Specialty coffee roasters like you set the bar obsessively high from the moment the beans arrive at their roastery. That is why we look for growers who share our goals, our vision and our drive, and who care for coffee in the same way we do.

To create exceptional coffee you need to start at the source: the plantation. Visiting the growers, learning about all the steps in the growth and production process, understanding the individual approach at each plantation - to you, all of this is key and you want to be able to share this with your consumers, customers.

Do you want to join us on a trip to origin and meet the farmers who are growing your coffee? All Cup-A-Lot customers are most welcome to join us. Send us an email at

Upcoming trips are: