How To Order

Our job is to connect with you and find the best available coffees for you in the regions we work with.

Logistics is a big part of ensuring you get the coffee you ordered in perfect condition. To see to that, we work exclusively with Seabridge (Efico), who takes care of logistics and warehousing for us and ensure coffees are stored in the right temperature and humidity controlled conditions.

  1. After cupping and deciding which coffees you want, you can place your order by email:
  2. Specify your transport requirements if you want us to take care of transport.
  3. After your approval by email we will send you your invoice.
  4. Once we've received a payment confirmation from your bank or the payment arrives in the Cup-A-Lot account, the order is prepared and shipped.

What information do we need from you:

Our Coffees

All our coffees are available mostly in small batches and can be ordered by bag

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