The Istanbul Coffee Festival

Cup-A-Lot was at the Istanbul Coffee Festival – September 2017


One of our team members, Katrien, is a WCE judge and was invited to judge in the Turkish Championships held during the Istanbul Coffee Festival. It was a great experience apparently!

It was my first time judging during the Turkish Championship and I really  enjoyed it, not only the championships but especially the atmosphere at the Istanbul Coffee Festival. I have experienced many championships and coffee festivals but the atmosphere over here was very different to me, very open-minded, accessible and friendly. Of course, the great weather is playing a role as well ;-).
However the nicest thing about the championships was my first experience of judging in an ibrik/cezve competition. I think I am not the only one, having prejudgements when it comes to Traditional Turkish Coffee. However I have to admit it was an eye opener judging this competition, a great taste experience which made me deciding to do something with this brewing method back home. I really would love to see this brewing method more in other European Coffee Shops as I think it has a great potential.

Thanks Istanbul for the experience!



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